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With the purchase of this course you take a book of unique design with the most important recipes that I inherited from my ancestors, they are recipes that marked my childhood and my entire life, and today they put me on this path that I am so passionate about, recipes that You will only find them here because I was cultivating them and keeping them in my heart. In addition, you will get 2 FREE videos with the step by step and details so that each meal is a unique experience.

Middle eastern e-book

    Ejemplo de la flor inversa
    Rosas amarillas Ilustración
    Rosas amarillas Ilustración

    Nota importante:

    Los libros son digitales. Una vez realizada la compra del recetario, éste llega online a través de un email. Si no lo encuentras en tu bandeja de entrada, por favor revisa tu spam o la casilla de correo no deseado. 

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